What's New with iPhone 7

If you missed the Apple Event yesterday and want to get a great detailed summary on what's new with iPhone 7 then iMore's summary is for you.

Rene Ritchie, Editor-in-Chief from iMore, begins:

iPhone 7 once again takes the familiar and puts a completely new spin on it. That starts on the surface, with new finishes like (matte) black and jet black, but goes all the way down to the the silicon with the new A10 Fusion chipset and Apple's first custom wireless chip, the W1. Add to that a re-imagined Force Touch Home button, a new camera with optical zoom and depth of field affects, wide gamut color from capture to display, booming stereo speakers, more and better LTE, water resistance as good as the original Apple Watch, and the list goes on and on.

The big news this year isn't just what's there, though, it's what isn't.

I definitely like the new (matte) black finish much more than the glossy jet black. I really don't think the loss of the 3.5mm analog jack is that huge of a deal. Sure, another adapter to use/lose for a year or two until you buy new headphones compatible with Apple's new wireless chip. We've experience this with both the change from the 30-pin connector to lightning and then on MacBook's going to a single USB-C port. People make a fuss and then it's history. Honestly, as long as they come out with wireless high-end headphones that can compete sound quality wise with current 3.5mm analog jack headphones like my B&O H6s then it's really a win.

However, I think Rene really sums up upgrading to iPhone 7 or not for the normal iPhone customer that bought an iPhone 6, 6s or SE below:

Most people need a compelling reason to upgrade their phones more than once every second or third year. With iPhone 7, the big driver is the camera. If you want everything that new sensor has to offer — especially the new dual-lens sensor in the 5.5-inch model — then you want iPhone 7.

If you're still on an iPhone 6, the combination of last and this year's updates make for a compelling upgrade, like you're going from running to flying. If you're on an older iPhone, from walking to flying.

Exactly, my thoughts. The new camera on the iPhone 7 plus is the main reason I'm upgrading this year. The speed and battery bump is great, I'll take it. However, for a fixed-lens (dual lens here) point and shoot camera, I'm not sure there will be a better one on the market at this price point. If you instinctively grab for your pocket, every time you see a beautiful moment and don't have your interchangeable lens camera on you then this will be well worth the upgrade cost.