Quincy Larson - Live Asynchronously

A medium article by Quincy Larson, a teacher at freecodecamp.com -  Live Asynchronously:

Last year I turned off all my notifications. I stopped booking meetings. I started living asynchronously.

Now instead of being interrupted throughout the day — or rushing from one meeting to the next — I sit down and get work done.

I work a lot. I communicate with hundreds of people a day. I collaborate extensively. But I do so on my own terms, at my own tempo.

I completely agree that more people, teams, and companies need to utilize asynchronous communication. However, I do believe there is a balance and I'm not sure I'd be happy if all my employees turned off notifications. That being said, talking more throughout your company about when a communication needs to be synchronous is super important. Especially in an engineering weighted field, asynchronous communication should be the default. A 5 second, "Hey, talk to me when you're done" distraction can kill 30 mins to an hour of productive time in the flow and be highly frustrating to the person you distracted.