Civilization 6: How Much Has Changed Since Civ 5?

Mike Mahardy of Gamespot interviewing Ed Beach lead designer of Civ 6:

By and large, Civ VI is a much more active game than any of its predecessors. That is, you won’t spend most of your turns just waiting for projects to complete—you’ll actively build your city districts, complete civic side quests, and plan a military strategy for cutting off key industrial points in your enemy’s territory. You’ll encounter choice after choice, dilemma after tense dilemma, in your effort to explore, expand, and improve your own empire.

I can't wait for the latest release in the Civilization series to come out. I have many memories of my Dad up at 3 AM still hacking away on the original Civ I trying to take over the world. I really enjoyed Civ 5 once they put out the Gods & Kings expansion as I think it really balanced out some of the Civs and made for a more enriching game. If you've played from the original series though, you know the strategy is always finding out what pattern gives you the best results from build order, to city production, to the tech tree, etc. I really think some of these changes they are talking about incorporating into Civ 6 will make an already addicting game better. I'm especially excited to hear about the implementation of city districts.

It's not just a question of when to build a campus in your city, but more importantly: where. The scientists in this district receive bonuses from nearby mountains, all the better to study constellations and weather patterns from. So although that tile nestled in the mountain range may look like a prime spot to dig a mine and increase building production, its long term scientific potential far outweighs anything else. Civilization VI necessitates foresight in your geographical considerations. 
"What seems like a good choice at the moment, what seems like might be the best place for your next building, might not be the best place in the long run," Beach says. "Once you start to learn the game, you know how different districts will affect things down the road. It's about weighing your options as you learn more in the process."

This will definitely lead to ton of variety in each game and only increase replayability. I can only hope they don't need 6 months to a year for an expansion to come out to get things right as they've needed for Civ 4 and Civ 5. Fingers crossed, this seems like it could be an awesome release. October 21st cannot come soon enough.